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Goddards Green Garden

Photo credits: Nicky Flint, Linde Wotton,

Portrait of owners: Helena Cooke

Environmental responsibility
We try to minimise the environmental impact of the garden and orchard and to encourage wildlife. We produce as much of our own compost as we can and collect a lot of rainwater. We use no pesticides or herbicides. Inorganic fertilisers are only used in small quantities in the vegetable garden. We have increased the area of the garden which is managed as flower meadow, mown only in the late summer and autumn. A few areas are kept wild. The hedges are trimmed once a year, in the autumn. We try to minimise plastic waste and are gradually replacing petrol and two-stroke machines with battery-powered equipment.

We were delighted when a visitor commented that there were more butterflies in the garden than at his local nature reserve.


Goddards Green Garden Team


John and Linde Wotton


Tom Wotton

Under Gardener

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Goddards Green, Angley Road, Cranbrook, TN17 3LR

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